About Santa

Hello, sveiki, こんにちは!

I am currently a PhD Candidate in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Ottawa and proud member of the ERPLing Lab.

I find the bilingual and multilingual mind and brain to be a true wonder. How are the languages organized? How are they controlled? How are neural pathways shaped and developed by bilingual experience? And does speaking more than one language, besides giving one incredible communication opportunities, provide any cognitive benefits? These are questions that pique my curiosity. Fortunately, being an Erpling has given me plenty of opportunity to investigate these interesting issues both behaviourally and neurophysiologically.

Under the direction of Dr. Laura Sabourin, my current research examines the effects of bilingualism on cognitive control. Are there advantages? Disadvantages? I examine this complex topic using behavioural paradigms and ERP measures.

I am also greatly interested in how writing systems are processed, especially logographic ones like Japanese. What systems are accessed when alphabets, syllabaries, and logographs are read? Does this make a difference in cognitive control studies? To find out, I’m also periodically examining bilinguals in Japan.

Want to participate in my research? Just send me an e-mail! :)